Monday, 20 September 2010


I have just published a book to raise money for Matt and Tim - 'Life in Odes and Poems' contact me if you would like a copy The price is £4.95

These two young lads are an inspiration, they never complain and do their best to live life to the full, with both of them hoping for a place in the 2012 para Olympics.

See our website on walks we have taken over the recent years if you are a walker.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Hadrian's Wall

Two of the famous five are doing Hadrian's Wall in May 2009 and a new blog has been started.

Do take a look if you are interested in walking.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Website is up and running

Well we did the planning and the training and as you will see below, we did the walk: I just had to get my act together to write up the walk.

Each day of the walk I kept a log of what we did, and have spent about three months of writing, sifting through photographs and planning the design of the walking pages on our website.

Hopefully, I have remembered to acknowledge and thank everyone and apologise if I have forgotten anyone.

The question on every one's lips at the moment is - what's next? Watch this space.

So with the winter drawing in, you may just be wanting something to inspire you and help you focus on warm weather and the outdoors, if so take a look at our website.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

We did it!!!

We did it, and within the planned time. Yes it was hard at times, mainly when we had long days over 20 miles with rain. At the end of each day, especially during those days in the Lakes, we all felt tired and looked forward to a hot bath/shower, a good meal and then bed. We didn't spend much time reflecting on the days walk, our thoughts were on the next days walking and what we were likely to see coupled with how far, and what was the weather going to be like.

The wildlife was wonderful with hay meadows full of beautiful wild flowers, a real treat to see no matter how wet and or tired we felt.

The views in the Lakes will stay with me for ever. Walking in the Yorkshire Dales was so different, but just as beautiful even when it was chucking it down with rain. I shall particularly remember the walk into Reeth on a very wet Saturday afternoon, arriving at our B&B (Walpardo), dripping water everywhere, when our hosts took it in their stride and dried all of our clothes for us. They were/are a great couple.

One cannot talk about the c2c without mentioning the Yorkshire Moores, they are so vast, and you can see the weather coming for miles, it gives you plenty of time to get your wet gear on before it arrives.

Such elation and celebration when we finally arrived at Robin Hood's Bay on that Thursday afternoon. We dipped our boots, threw our stones into the North Sea, and headed for the pub and I celebrated by buying the group a drink and had my first G&T of the whole walk, I was trying to avoid a migraine!

We overnighted at Clarence Dean B&B and a dear friend along with his wife (Don & Carolyn) came and collected us for the long drive home.

Next time I do the c2c I shall take longer and do shorter walks so that I can see more of the countryside, concentrating on the navigation was my main focus especially trying to be off the hills when the clouds came down.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Countdown to the C2C

Well at last it's here, time to get ready for our major event of walking 192 miles in 13 days from St. Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire.

We have trained as much as time would allow, found out how to deal with blisters, and other nasty foot problems, we could write a book on what to do and what not to do in terms of feet and long distance walking. Hmm, maybe we will!!!

The routes are finalised, maps printed and routes loaded on to gps, that was fun, Val, Jenny and I spent a morning planning the route. I have spent forever, going over it all making sure that we have printed all the grid references onto the maps, checking and double checking that I had loaded it onto the gps. On a weekly basis, I have been buying the batteries for the gps, they weigh a ton I'm sure.

I have checked the first aid kit, and made sure that we have details of what to do in an emergency, ie: summoning help with the use of the whistle, ensuring that we have emergency (lightweight) shelter large enough for us all to get in (kindly supplied by Val). Reminded everyone in the group to carry enough food and water to get them through the day (at least 2 litres of water/fluid)

I have provided map reading and compass training to Jenny, Val and Di, so if I can't make it they will be able to carry on. Jenny, had a quick session with the gps.

Jenny has contacted all the B&B's that we are staying at, to confirm that we are still coming, and to order our packed lunches where available.

Val is taking care of the baggage labels from B&B to B&B.

Full rucksacks used to feel heavy, now they are just a matter of course, we gradually built up from a few things in the bottom of the rucksack to a complete full 7kg thrown onto our backs.

We have learned how to put our waterproofs on in a windy field, balance on one leg, when trying to attend to a sock or other foot issue. Found out what is best to eat and drink on long walks, (and found week old food at the bottom of our rucksacks when we forgot to empty them when we got home!)

Managing a walking pole, gps, map, compass, binoculars, camera, guide book and walk, all at the same time, is easy peasy ..... now.

Remembering to put the rain cover over the rucksacks when it starts to rain is second nature, you only forget once.... we did, and boy did we find out how wet it can get inside a rucksack.

Sheeps wool has been sent over from Matt & Tim's parents' farm, by their big sister Charlotte, this will help to protect our little tootsie's when the going gets tough.

OK so we are giving you the impression that we are professionals and that we are all organised.... We are!

I shall post details of our walk on this blog when we get back later in the month

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Wednesday 21st, Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th May

With just three weeks to go to the start of the c2c walk, we had planned two days walking, and in fact three of us did three days walking. Val, Jenny and Heather walked 6 miles on Wednesday around Finningham and Gislingham with Bramble enjoying the rabbit smells, but catching nothing!!

Friday we had all planned to do 18 + miles, walking twice around Alton Water, with a start time of 8am. For family reasons Celia was not able to make it and Di, having just returned from holidays was able to join us for the second part of the walk.

It was hot and quite tiring, but a lovely walk with birds singing, an abundance of butterflies and May blossom.

At one point when we decided to rest a while and air our hot feet on a grassy bank, with boots and socks off, along came a grass cutter who needed to get to right where we were sitting!!

Back at the main picnic area, feeling very hot, we sat in the shade of a tree and ate our lunch, and then along came Di, fresh from her holiday and a lovely shade of brown, full of energy and eager to get started.

At the start of the second go round we were thinking that we just may not get going again and the thought of another 9+ miles in the heat of the day was not enticing. However, once we got going and Di related her holiday experiences we soon ticked off the miles. We were all flagging a bit at the end, but agreed that a short rest would have had us refreshed enough to do some more.

Saturday was a later start, 9am and we walked around Barham, Coddenham, Coddenham Green and Creeting St. Mary, about 12 miles in all. We had a full compliment, plus a guest walker for the day, Penny. The weather was hot but with a slight breeze when we got to the top of hills, which made for a good walk.

Feet and boots were checked and it was decided that a visit to the outdoor supplier was needed the very next day. Jenny and Heather bought new walking boots, shoes and sandles, so now they are walking around the house in clonking great boots and planning to notch up a few walks in the next couple of weeks. Val treated herself to new sandles and is thinking about boots!!! Even Penny treated herself to new boots.

It's a good job that the new type of boots available now are easy on the feet, and usually wear in quite quickly. All the old boots will be taken on the c2c just in case!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

16th & 17th May

Friday's walk was a bit of a wet one, well the grass and undergrowth was wet, with a little bit of rain plopping down every now and then, just to remind us that we are not always going to get lovely sunshine on our walks.

Di was on holiday somewhere hot, Celia was unable to join us, but we three held the flag high for the group and battled the weather and the few hills that we encountered!! Well little hillocks really.

We walked from Barham Green to Creeting St. Mary via Coddenham and Coddenham Green returned via Shrublands to Barham Green. About 12 miles in all.

Val started the day in the wrong boots, her old ones, and they leak, so a quick phone call home for Bill to meet us somewhere on the route for a quick change of socks and boots. Bramble was in full pelt, she loved the fact that she was out with her favourite people on another long walk.

During the walk we saw a scruffy looking fox who skulked off when it saw us.

Jenny has taken a couple of photographs and I shall upload them when she sends them over. There was some beautiful may blossom showing itself off, together with sheeps parsley that almost reached our shoulders (we are all a bit on the short side).

When we reached the A140 we were a little apprehensive about crossing this terribly busy road, but once across we found the most beautiful footpath between two fields, with high hedges either side of the path. There was some lovely bird songs to help us on our way, and Jenny heard her first cuckoo of the year. Although we did get wet from the foliage it was worth it, just to be in such a lovely place.

Lunch was eaten on a small track overlooking a valley, with farms in the distance in one direction, and looking in the other direction were the two busy roads of A14 and A140.

We got lost on Shrublands and felt bad about walking across their grounds, but the footpaths are not clearly marked.

I still have the mental view of Jenny doing a belly roll under a fence where there was no stile. The things you see when you haven't got a camera!!

On the way back my boots had decided to leak and I ended up with wet socks, boots and feet. They are still drying out. (Boots that is)

We enjoyed our walk and it didn't feel as if we had just walked 12 miles, so we decided that Saturday morning would be the time for another walk along the river at Woodbridge.

We started at 8.30 and walked for an hour, had a snack, turned around and walked back. It amounted to just under six miles, not a long walk but something to flex the muscles. There is a path all the way so the walking was easy, we also had a bit of rain but that didn't take away the fact that we were out in the fresh air with lovely scenery all around.