Monday, 31 March 2008

Walking for 2 wheelchair users

Hello folks, I, along with four other grandmothers are doing the Coast to Coast walk in June to raise funds for twin teenage boys who are both wheelchair users.

They were both born with cerebral palsy, and are now teenagers in high school. They are severely disabled and each use a wheelchair to get around. As they grow they require new larger wheelchairs with body supports.

The NHS provide very large (adult) wheelchairs that are heavy and cumbersome. Their mother has difficulty to load these into the family car twice a day to get the children to and from school.

Both boys enjoy wheelchair sports and therefore also would prefer to have lightweight wheelchairs.

New lightweight wheelchairs cost around £1,100 each.

We have therefore decided to help the family to raise the money needed to purchase this equipment.

If you feel able to donate to this good cause please contact me on I want to stress that this is not a registered charity and any donation you make to me will be on trust.

I shall put some photographs on this site of the children and we five ladies who are doing the walk.


Anonymous said...

i saw your mails on the coast 2 coast message board.
me(steve) & the wife (chris)are doing our first coast to coast leaving st bees 14/6 and arriving at RHB on the 27/6.

We are both new to the walking scene !

i think we have a similar itinerary to yourselves, so will probably be bumping into your party on the way round.

We live in Bexley, Kent and are travelling to and from there by train.

if you want to drop a line andshare any experiences then our email is

We have been doing some training at Hastings recently. But we both need to stepit up in May.
Otherwise we will be missing our evening meals where we take so long!

We are 51 and 49 but not grandparents lke yourselves.

Happy Walking
Steve & Chris

Famous Five Grannies said...

Hello Steve & Chris, thank you for your comments, I have e-mailed you.

Beachwheels by cadKat said...

Great idea you got there. I hope everything will work out for them. Should you guys ever want to enjoy a day at the beach in the future, have a look at our beach conversion kits for wheelchairs.

Have a great day