Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Getting ready for our next training walk

Today we have been discussing our next training walk, it will only be a short one as we have all had some kind of illness or another - flu, migraine, etc.

Rather than do nothing we decided that we will get those walking boots out on Friday morning and do a quick.... well maybe a slow 10 miles with a break in the middle somewhere.

This is not like us, we are usually all up for long distances, but feel that there are times when we each have to listen to our body.

I visited Matt and Tim today to take their photograph to put on here.... great looking cool guys, don't you think? They are so pleased that we are trying to help them get new funky wheelchairs and want to thank everyone who has so far donated to this.

Our training plan will be back on course within a week or so, we are focusing on this and our equipment over the next 10 weeks. So much has already gone into the planning with regards to accommodation and distances to travel each day, however, we need to finalise the route and ensure emergency plans are in place just in case.

I shall write up the walk we do on Friday and hopefully have a photo of the group, although at this stage, I'm not sure if everyone is going to be there this week.

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