Saturday, 5 April 2008

Friday's walk

Well four of the famous five grannies turned out for our short walk on Friday.... oh and Bramble the dog.

We had a most enjoyable 9 mile walk in beautiful sunshine amongst some of Suffolk's lovely scenery. We were able to watch some of the wildlife, and saw primroses and cowslips in abundance.

Our midday break for lunch was taken down a leafy, grass track. Bramble decided to entertain us by dragging a large tree branch from the hedgerow and proceeded to chew at it. That was fine until it was time to leave and then she wanted to drag it along with us for the duration of the walk. Now normally Bramble is a bright intelligent dog, but on Friday she wanted to show us that her mind thinks that her body can do almost anything, a bit like the rest of us!!

As it was the first time that I had been out walking for about two weeks, I thought that I would not be up for a long walk. For some reason I found the walk easy, OK there were no hills or hillocks (a Scottish joke), but I could have gone on for another five or six miles. That really pleased me. The rest of the group were also fine, but then they had been out for a walk the previous week.

Celia was unable to join us this week, hence she is missing from the group photo, however, we will get her next week. We have a planned 17 mile and a 21 mile walk on two consecutive days. This will be a good test of our equipment, stamina and fitness levels.

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