Saturday, 19 April 2008

Friday 18th April

Update from Di.
Another Training Day! After last Saturday and Sunday training days, 37 miles, this Friday was just 10 miles. Starting at Manor End, Felixstowe, we walked to the Ferry taking in four hills and steps! It was high tide and we don't think we've ever seen the waves so high and coming over the prom in places! It was head wind all the way to the ferry and we treated ourselves to fish and chips at the Cafe - delicious!

Making our way back we walked some of the way on the beach as tide had receded and made our way into town to buy Heather's mother-in-laws birthday cake in M & S!!!! As some of you may know, it's Val’s favourite food store and she couldn’t resist the purchase of 'Pink Pigs' and 'Wiggley Worms'! Only one hill on our return to the car - a good training day and hard work with the wind!

Val bet both Di and Heather £5 each that her husband would locate them on the walk - somewhere near the food stop - He didn't so she lost the bet and the funds for the walk have increased by a total of £10.

Our next planned walk will be on Friday 25th April along the River Deben

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