Sunday, 25 May 2008

Wednesday 21st, Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th May

With just three weeks to go to the start of the c2c walk, we had planned two days walking, and in fact three of us did three days walking. Val, Jenny and Heather walked 6 miles on Wednesday around Finningham and Gislingham with Bramble enjoying the rabbit smells, but catching nothing!!

Friday we had all planned to do 18 + miles, walking twice around Alton Water, with a start time of 8am. For family reasons Celia was not able to make it and Di, having just returned from holidays was able to join us for the second part of the walk.

It was hot and quite tiring, but a lovely walk with birds singing, an abundance of butterflies and May blossom.

At one point when we decided to rest a while and air our hot feet on a grassy bank, with boots and socks off, along came a grass cutter who needed to get to right where we were sitting!!

Back at the main picnic area, feeling very hot, we sat in the shade of a tree and ate our lunch, and then along came Di, fresh from her holiday and a lovely shade of brown, full of energy and eager to get started.

At the start of the second go round we were thinking that we just may not get going again and the thought of another 9+ miles in the heat of the day was not enticing. However, once we got going and Di related her holiday experiences we soon ticked off the miles. We were all flagging a bit at the end, but agreed that a short rest would have had us refreshed enough to do some more.

Saturday was a later start, 9am and we walked around Barham, Coddenham, Coddenham Green and Creeting St. Mary, about 12 miles in all. We had a full compliment, plus a guest walker for the day, Penny. The weather was hot but with a slight breeze when we got to the top of hills, which made for a good walk.

Feet and boots were checked and it was decided that a visit to the outdoor supplier was needed the very next day. Jenny and Heather bought new walking boots, shoes and sandles, so now they are walking around the house in clonking great boots and planning to notch up a few walks in the next couple of weeks. Val treated herself to new sandles and is thinking about boots!!! Even Penny treated herself to new boots.

It's a good job that the new type of boots available now are easy on the feet, and usually wear in quite quickly. All the old boots will be taken on the c2c just in case!!

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