Thursday, 12 June 2008

Countdown to the C2C

Well at last it's here, time to get ready for our major event of walking 192 miles in 13 days from St. Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire.

We have trained as much as time would allow, found out how to deal with blisters, and other nasty foot problems, we could write a book on what to do and what not to do in terms of feet and long distance walking. Hmm, maybe we will!!!

The routes are finalised, maps printed and routes loaded on to gps, that was fun, Val, Jenny and I spent a morning planning the route. I have spent forever, going over it all making sure that we have printed all the grid references onto the maps, checking and double checking that I had loaded it onto the gps. On a weekly basis, I have been buying the batteries for the gps, they weigh a ton I'm sure.

I have checked the first aid kit, and made sure that we have details of what to do in an emergency, ie: summoning help with the use of the whistle, ensuring that we have emergency (lightweight) shelter large enough for us all to get in (kindly supplied by Val). Reminded everyone in the group to carry enough food and water to get them through the day (at least 2 litres of water/fluid)

I have provided map reading and compass training to Jenny, Val and Di, so if I can't make it they will be able to carry on. Jenny, had a quick session with the gps.

Jenny has contacted all the B&B's that we are staying at, to confirm that we are still coming, and to order our packed lunches where available.

Val is taking care of the baggage labels from B&B to B&B.

Full rucksacks used to feel heavy, now they are just a matter of course, we gradually built up from a few things in the bottom of the rucksack to a complete full 7kg thrown onto our backs.

We have learned how to put our waterproofs on in a windy field, balance on one leg, when trying to attend to a sock or other foot issue. Found out what is best to eat and drink on long walks, (and found week old food at the bottom of our rucksacks when we forgot to empty them when we got home!)

Managing a walking pole, gps, map, compass, binoculars, camera, guide book and walk, all at the same time, is easy peasy ..... now.

Remembering to put the rain cover over the rucksacks when it starts to rain is second nature, you only forget once.... we did, and boy did we find out how wet it can get inside a rucksack.

Sheeps wool has been sent over from Matt & Tim's parents' farm, by their big sister Charlotte, this will help to protect our little tootsie's when the going gets tough.

OK so we are giving you the impression that we are professionals and that we are all organised.... We are!

I shall post details of our walk on this blog when we get back later in the month

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