Sunday, 10 August 2008

We did it!!!

We did it, and within the planned time. Yes it was hard at times, mainly when we had long days over 20 miles with rain. At the end of each day, especially during those days in the Lakes, we all felt tired and looked forward to a hot bath/shower, a good meal and then bed. We didn't spend much time reflecting on the days walk, our thoughts were on the next days walking and what we were likely to see coupled with how far, and what was the weather going to be like.

The wildlife was wonderful with hay meadows full of beautiful wild flowers, a real treat to see no matter how wet and or tired we felt.

The views in the Lakes will stay with me for ever. Walking in the Yorkshire Dales was so different, but just as beautiful even when it was chucking it down with rain. I shall particularly remember the walk into Reeth on a very wet Saturday afternoon, arriving at our B&B (Walpardo), dripping water everywhere, when our hosts took it in their stride and dried all of our clothes for us. They were/are a great couple.

One cannot talk about the c2c without mentioning the Yorkshire Moores, they are so vast, and you can see the weather coming for miles, it gives you plenty of time to get your wet gear on before it arrives.

Such elation and celebration when we finally arrived at Robin Hood's Bay on that Thursday afternoon. We dipped our boots, threw our stones into the North Sea, and headed for the pub and I celebrated by buying the group a drink and had my first G&T of the whole walk, I was trying to avoid a migraine!

We overnighted at Clarence Dean B&B and a dear friend along with his wife (Don & Carolyn) came and collected us for the long drive home.

Next time I do the c2c I shall take longer and do shorter walks so that I can see more of the countryside, concentrating on the navigation was my main focus especially trying to be off the hills when the clouds came down.


Ian said...

hello hb,sorry i forget your name,just read your account of c2c,brings back good memories.i will never forget the sight of the five grannies walking into kirkby stephen soaked to the skin,but spirits high.hope your charity did well,the wife and i raised £280 for our local childrens hospice.say hello to rest of gang for me. IAN AND JEANETTE

Famous Five Grannies said...

Hi Jeanette and Ian, lovely to hear from you. I was just writing up my log for the website that I am building with a great deal of help from walkingplaces. Click on this link to see details of the preparations. I hope to have the walk and photos up on the site within a couple of weeks. Let me have your e-mail address and I shall let you know when it's finished.

It was great to meet up with you and I had just got to the bit where Ian asked me if I was one of the Famous Five Grannies while we were sitting outside of Ruthwaite Lodge.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

hi heather,and co,just finished reading your c2c blog,well worth waiting for.its a long time since i was called a young man,thanks for that.jeanette and i are planing to do it again in june 2010.have you got anything planed.the name of the chap on one of photos hugh i believe.look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather our e-mail address is

Famous Five Grannies said...

Hi Ian & Jeanette, I good to hear from you, I have emailed you and would love to hear how you are doing.

There are thoughts that some of us will be doing Hadrians Wall in 2009

Anonymous said...

hi heather,good luck on your 2nd coast2coast,look out for us when your around egton were up at caravan for a week.ive just completed the lyke wake walk 40 miles in 24 hours we took 15 hrs.hope weather stays fine.enjoy ian jeanette